GOOD ART HLYWD Jack Skull Crusher

GOOD ART HLYWD Jack Skull Crusher Necklace Length 21" - Sterling Silver

CS-JSCR21 Continuous Production

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A highly detailed skull-chain necklace made from solid .925 sterling silver. Each link comprises of a 7mm tall GOOD ART HLYWD 'Jack Skull', connected by 3mm tall interlocking eyelets to create one complete chain. Secured together by a swivel-hook clasp locking mechanism. Each GOOD ART HLYWD piece is dipped in sulphuric acid before they are hand-burnished, creating an understated blackened contrast against the impeccably polished highlights. Considering the size of each skull, no details have been spared.

  • Made in the USA
  • .925 Sterling Silver
  • Length 21" (pictured)
  • Other lengths available: 24” and 30”
  • Also available in 22 carat yellow gold or 18 carat white gold (or even platinum) with an additional option of a single 22ct skull mixed in with sterling silver skulls
  • Precious stone upgrades are available on all metal options
  • To discuss alternative metals, precious stones, or if the size you need is not in stock, contact us

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