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When making our jeans, we do our very best to avoid wasting fabric. After all, it's beautiful, well crafted, and takes a long time to produce. And despite our best efforts - once the patterns have been cut - we always seem to find a small pile of offcuts on our table and factory floor. We don't like it. Or at least, we didn't...

Combining our dislike for waste (be it in the factory, or at home), with our innovative spirit of always wanting to develop new types of denim - we had a lightbulb moment, which is now known as Iron Heart Eco-Denim.

It's created by mixing 40% regular cotton with 60% recycled cotton (offcuts from previously made Iron Heart jeans). However, this new process presented us with some unique challenges in bringing this denim to fruition.

Because the short fibres of the recycled cotton don't hold indigo as well as our regular cotton, we decided to dye the weft an earthy brown - deepening the overall colour of the fabric. The shorter fibres of the recycled material also result in a rough and slightly fluffy surface texture, so we have arrived at a denim that has its own unique look and feel.

So far, we have three cuts in recycled selvedge denim. The IH-634S-RE (our "signature" straight cut), IH-666S-RE ("devil's fit" slim straight cut) and the IH-888S-RE (medium/high rise tapered cut). We hope you love the finished result just as much as we do.