Our Partner Store - Sonder Supplies

Sonder Supplies stocks brands which we admire, want to own ourselves and have a great back story. So far, we are stocking Radiall, Trophy Clothing, Krammer & Stoudt, Nine Lives and some select and sometimes exclusive Iron Heart along with some accessories and footwear. Our brand list is growing each season.

Official Iron Heart Stores

We have four Iron Heart stores worldwide that we are extremely proud of. Three are located in Japan, with the latest addition being in Hamburg, Germany. Check out each store page to find out more.

Iron Heart Stockists

We know it’s very important for many of our customers to be able to visit a “bricks and mortar” store to try Iron Heart gear, and to personally see and feel the quality of our garments and the distinctiveness of our brand. We’re delighted that many of the very best and most discerning specialist denim stores around the world have chosen to stock Iron Heart, with owners and staff who are passionate about Japanese denim, heritage clothing and accessories.

If you’re fortunate enough to have an Iron Heart stockist close by, do please pay them a visit – you’ll meet some amazing people.

(Click the button for each continent to reveal the stockists in that region)