The ‘Drizzler’ is a blouson style jacket and a true menswear classic. That being said though, you are more than likely to know it from the nickname given to it from a character in the 60s TV program ‘Peyton Place, staring Ryan O’Neal, who would often be wearing the jacket - the character’s name being Rodney ‘Harrington’

The Harrington dates back to 1937, when British clothing company, Barracuta launched their G9 (a lightweight, roomy jacket with a stand up collar and angled front pockets and worn to play golf in). In the US, McGregor produced the ‘Drizzler’ jacket which was an alternative jacket in the same design.

The simple style of the jacket has allowed it to become a timeless classic which has regularly reappeared in fashion trends over the years. The jacket was seen worn by US servicemen after World War II, being adopted as a light, modern jacket by the emerging style-conscious youth during the 1950s. Elvis additionally popularised the jacket when he wore the Barracuta G9 in the 1958 movie King Creole. Steve McQueen, James Dean and Frank Sinatra to name a few have all worn this jacket in both films and in their personal lives adding to its household fame.

The jacket became fashionable in the UK in the 1960s among mods and skinheads, enjoying a resurgence in the late 70s and early 80s in the Punk, Northern Soul and Scooterboys sub-cultures. Then again in the mid-1990s within the rise of BritPop, being worn by bands such as Blur and Oasis. Truly a jacket for all ages and all styles!

Iron Heart have produced a variety of Drizzler/Harrington jackets over the years. Our current jackets appear in our SS22 collection and can be found in a variety of colourways and fabrics, including our take of the Drizzler in 10oz Japanese Selvedge Denim - of course (it's what we do)!

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