19oz Selvedge Left Hand Twill Denim - Indigo

A 19oz left-hand twill selvedge denim.  Left-hand twills are usually quite pale as there is a lot of weft showing through to the face of the fabric.  We've achieved a very dark indigo face by dipping the warp in indigo many times and weaving under great tension.  The result is very dark but inherently unstable denim, so we one-wash all the garments we make from this denim to tame some of that instability, but the denim is still likely to skew and jeans made from this denim will likely exhibit some leg twist, particularly in the right leg.

  • Red/white selvedge ID
  • Unsanforised
  • All garments are then one washed
  • Left hand twill
  • White weft
  • Indigo rope dyed warp

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