Iron Heart UK Initiatives

We have carefully looked for areas in our service provision where we could apply greener logic. Our customer service experts are the team responsible for handling all inbound and outbound logistics. They worked with our creative team on producing a sustainable and bio-degradable packaging solution, which would not compromise on quality.

We use organic ink for the graphic used on our mailer bags, which themselves are made from 100% recycled paper. The outer packaging, needed to make the parcel waterproof during transit, is a bio-degradable green mailbag made from recycled materials. Contained within this packaging, along with your lovely Iron Heart goods, are our care guidelines which are printed on responsibly sourced FSC paper.

We consciously do not offer free returns, we try to reduce the amount of items shipped by proactively engaging with our customers to help them with sizing, to avoid shipping duplicate sizes and a return shipment.  Charging a realistic amount for returns coupled with our proactive outreach, focuses our customers on actively trying to order the correct size first time around. This does take more time and effort, but we provide all the help we can give both on the product webpage and with personal follow-up.  Of course, even with our combined efforts, we can't always get the fit correct, but over time our loyal customers do get a great understanding of the sizes and styles that work best.

Clearly, as Iron Heart goods are made in Japan, and our customers are all over the world, even with efforts to reduce the quantity of goods shipped unnecessarily, our carbon footprint is high. We are in the process of becoming carbon neutral to an internationally recognised certification standard - PAS 2060. The company is in the process of being ‘carbon weighed’. Once this is complete we will make various changes to areas that we can to mitigate our carbon usage. Any remaining will be offset, and we will keep this page updated as we progress towards the PAS 2060 standard.

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